Monday, August 3, 2009

Sunday Setlist 8-2-09

Sorry its late, but here is the Sunday Setlist from the Kansas City Baptist Temple:

O Praise Him – a rousing version of this David Crowder Band tune with Jondy Britton leading on acoustic. Horns added.

Everlasting God – Nice high-energy song with a nod to the Anthony Evans, Jr. version performed at the National Worship Leader Conference. Congregation is beginning to pick up on non-lyric vocals. Cool!

God With Us – Mercy Me from 2007, beefed up with live syncopated horns and a 6 piece backup vocal section. Ended with a repeat of the chorus acapella. Very powerful.

Praise To The Lord, The Almighty – This for the trad-hymn fans. A contemporary styling that still kept the original feel. Jesse Bowman added some nice muted trumpet fills, and a very worshipful chorus was added.

Let The Church Rise – Israel Houghton & Jonathan Stockstill. A new song for our church today. They did well. It started as the “special” music for the offering, then we had people stand once the ushers completed their duty. Jamie Hamilton jumped into the fray with some tasty alto sax licks, followed by Jesse Bowman again on trumpet going into the bridge, then I joined in on tenor sax at the key change. The chorus ended up high with a full complement of background vocals, the horn section’s best impression of a brass choir, then the words “Let us be light in the darkness; let the church rise, let the church rise.” Leading into the opening prayer by pastor Tim Mensendiek, who preached today in Dr. Jeff Adams’ absence. Tim preached on Isaiah 61:1-4 “The Treasure in the Trash.”

The “front of house” worship singers were Dan Greenbank, and Janice Haley. Guest guitarist in Arturo’s absence was young Mr. Becken (fantastic job, young man!). The worship leader was Jeremy Schell. Props to Sarah Stavig on the lighting board.

This Sunday, our congregation did not seem to have as much problem with all the construction inconvenience going on. We seem to be “getting used to it”, so to speak!

That is it for this week’s Sunday Setlist!! Be sure to check out the other Sunday Setlists on Fred McKinnon's blog!

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  1. O Praise Him is a great song. One of our vocalists was in KS somewhere. Kansas gained and we lost this week.