Thursday, January 21, 2010

What happened to Chivalry?

Today's reading is Exodus 1-2 and Matthew 14:1-21. You can read it HERE.

Yesterday while leaving work I held the door open for a couple of ladies who were also leaving. I do this alot, and most of the time they pass along as if it is expected, or even sometimes offended that I did it. I always think in that situation 'get over yourself', but I never say it. You see, I don't do it for the 'thanks', but because it is the right thing to do. I think we should help people in general, but particularly if it is a woman - hold the door open, help her change her flat tire, pick up a load of books or groceries that she has dropped, on and on, etc. We have let a perverted few in our culture instill fear in us that we cannot help folks for being perceived wrong or politically incorrect. I have particular disdain for being politically correct at this moment in our history, and don't hold political views based on what is 'cool' or what the pointy headed elites tell me my views should be.

Anyway, I also had a few interesting comments on my facebook status as well. We so often give to get, and completely miss the point. I thought it was appropriate that I had that experience last night, because today's reading has Moses being born and raised in Egypt, then growing up and killing one of the Egyptians, and running for fear of his life. He ends up in the backside of the desert sitting by a well, perhaps feeling sorry for himself or just in despair at the course his life has taken. Maybe he is sitting there reflecting on what he did, looking for a way to redeem himself. Then comes a bunch of girls drawing water for their father's flock and shepherds come along and try to tell them they can't do that and to get lost. The Bible says Moses stood up and helped them. They didn't give him thanks, or if they did it doesn't say. All that happened is they ran home to tell daddy. Moses ends up with one of this guy's daughters and having a son. Its kinda funny how you start out with 'chivalry' and end up not being single. Don't do it for the thanks. Do it even if the gal is offended (believe me, even the most flaming liberal women will generally not reject the overture). Do it because it is the right thing.

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